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  • From Anglesey to Bodelwyddan (1/8/2018) - Yesterday I went from Anglesey to Bodelwyddan Castle in Denbighshire. Nothing unusual there; I often drive by it, promising myself that I will one day stop to have a closer look, but never managing it. So, I made a special trip out there. As I toured around and looked at the story of its various… Read More From Anglesey to Bodelwyddan
  • Romantic View of Beaumaris Castle (9/2/2017) - I’m not a huge collector of postcards, but given my interest in old buildings of Anglesey, I do keep an eye on eBay for new listings of particularly interesting old images of past and present structures. I usually go for ones that show intriguing differences between then and now, or simply attractive ones. My latest… Read More Romantic View of Beaumaris Castle
  • St Baglan Church, Llanfaglen, Caernarfon (5/8/2017) - I haven’t blogged much lately, because I’m writing a new book (details to follow!), but the very nice weather drew me out today to explore a church I’ve not seen before. It required crossing the Strait, so isn’t strictly Anglesey History, but is still a very interesting place. And it overlooks Anglesey! St. Baglan’s Church… Read More St Baglan Church, Llanfaglen, Caernarfon
  • On The Trail of Edward Greenly (1/8/2017) - One thing leads to another. While working on the new section of my Anglesey History website on Prehistoric Monuments I wanted to compare the geology of one site to the types of stone that were used to build the monument. I thought I had a geological map of Anglesey, but couldn’t find it, so ordered a new… Read More On The Trail of Edward Greenly
  • Surprises in Llanddyfnan (11/11/2016) - It was a clear, frosty morning, and I was thinking of standing stones. A couple of days previously I had driven over to Holy Island, aiming to clear my mind of the recent American election results, as well as visit the Penrhos Feilw standing stones (more on these some other time). As I looked at… Read More Surprises in Llanddyfnan
  • The Irishman in Church Island Cemetery (10/30/2016) - When visiting historic churches, I always have a wander around the cemetery, looking at inscriptions old and new. I often wonder what this person was like, or how that person lived their life. Occasionally, the inscription gives a tantalising clue to an interesting story, which I will sometimes try to follow up later. On a… Read More The Irishman in Church Island Cemetery
  • History of the House in the Marsh (10/1/2016) - Most history about buildings is written about large and interesting houses, churches, castles, shops and other places. However, sometimes the history of small, remote and obscure dwellings can be just as intriguing. One of my favourite nearby places for a short walk is Cors Bodeilio. This National Nature Reserve and Site of Special Scientific Interest lies… Read More History of the House in the Marsh
  • An Iron Age Tardis? Bryn Eryr roundhouses at St. Fagans (9/20/2016) - It’s bigger on the inside than it appears from outside, and it lets you travel back in time, like Dr. Who’s Tardis. That was my first thought when I ducked through the low entrance into the high-ceilinged space of the reconstructed Bryn Eryr roundhouses at St. Fagans open air history museum. I’ve been wanting to… Read More An Iron Age Tardis? Bryn Eryr roundhouses at St. Fagans
  • Bodior Tide Mill (9/5/2016) - After visiting Bodior house, a smaller group of Anglesey Antiquarian Society members walked across a couple of fields in the rain to the shore of Holy Island. Our goal was to see the Bodior Tide Mill. The most familiar type of mill on Anglesey is the windmill. Thirty two of these dot the island, and at most places… Read More Bodior Tide Mill
  • Visit to Bodior House with AAS (9/4/2016) - Yesterday saw a good turnout for the Anglesey Antiquarian Society’s last excursion for 2016.These trips are always interesting; visiting historic sites around the island, often places that you wouldn’t normally be able to access. The tours are led by knowledgeable guides, and there are usually several visitors in the group who can spot interesting features and contribute additional… Read More Visit to Bodior House with AAS


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