Welcome to the Anglesey History blog

Welcome to the Anglesey History blog. I’m Warren Kovach, and I’ve developed the Anglesey History web site over the past 20 years. The site started with pages about the Menai Strait bridges and the natural history of the Isle of Anglesey, and has been expanded over the years to include major sections about the windmills, churches and chapels around the island, as well as other topics such as South Stack, the Royal Charter sinking, books about Anglesey and up-to-date weather information. It also includes details of my book, Anglesey Through Time.

This blog joins my Twitter feed and Facebook page as a way to post more informal information about my investigations of the island’s history. I’ll be writing about places I’ve visited, facts and stories that I’ve been tracking down, and anything else I think might be of interest to those interested in the history of Anglesey.


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